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Lot VA 20 E Tsiadana
BP 4132, Antananarivo 101
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The organization of MD2I is based on 4 units:

The unit of commercial development, training and product maintenance, essentially comprising a unit in charge of maintaining relations with donors and development projects. This unit ensures that software developed by MD2I used at the different institutions in more than 40 countries works perfectly under the conditions of use of the software. It provides immediate assistance in case of problems encountered by customers on the use of software developed by MD2I.

The research and development and analysis unit, which is linked to innovation and design, mobilizes experts of the highest level for research and development in Software Development, modeling of new management processes that respect the procedures of the financial backers, technological and regulatory watch, drafting of the database modeling and security specifications.

The developer unit it consists of computer engineers and technicians very experienced in software development. It is the heart of the MD2I business. The unit of test and quality assurance: this unit assures the tests: user-friendliness, coherence on the outputs of the software, coherence of the data entry in the software, coherence with the various operating systems on the computers, it checks also the respect of the specifications.

All these units are responsible for all activities, commercial prospecting, tendering and complete completion of contracts, regardless of the technical field and the nature of the missions performed.

Available software

  • SARA Multi donor
  • Procurement Plan Management
  • SARA Management & Evaluation

Our services

                          Our activity is divided into 4 main categories and our 200 more recent references are concerned by one or more of them 


    • support to financial, administrative, accounting and operational management of development projects
    • software design, delivery of user licences, support and maintenance      
    • financial control and audit preparation       
    • training about those topics

We design IT systems and test them before implementation. We support and maintain the use of software. We make tutorials, user manuals and example databases.

The MD2I team masters new technologies related to development projects: design of software, budget following up, monitoring and evaluation, business plans, expenditure management and so on.

RAKOTONIRINA Toky Harivelo de MD2I Madagascar
RANDRIAMIHAJASOA Nirina de MD2I Madagascar
RAKOTONDRASOA Henintsoa de MD2I Madagascar
RANDRIAMIHAJASOA Nirina de MD2I Madagascar
RANDRIAMORAMANANA Mialinirina de MD2I Madagascar
RAPANOELA Liva Michard de MD2I Madagascar
Eddy Fidele RAKOTOARIMANANA de MD2I Madagascar
Zoly Elianne RAZAIARIMANANA de MD2I Madagascar
Vololomalala RASOANIAINA de MD2I Madagascar
Andrianiaina RAKOTONIAINA de MD2I Madagascar


MD2I allows the software to work smoothly in the IT WINDOWS environment of the user during several years if the support/maintenance contract is paid. 
The support available includes updates of the software and of the user manual or of the tutorial and adaptation to the new WINDOWS releases. 
The support includes fixing any problem by internet.
The support allows remote support by teamviewer.
Updates includes successive releases made available by MD2I, excluding special releases sold separately. 
The normal support includes additional information and recommendations about the optimal way of using the software as well as it allows analysing of data integrity.
It is always possible to share the use of our TEAMVIWER  license and to organise a distance support or distance training of the users.